High Rise Building Cleaning


High-rise buildings cleaning can be a dangerous task without proper training; They are specially trained in methods and techniques that are involved in the high-rise cleaning process. Our high-rise cleaning workers are used to clean windows of hotels, resorts, shopping centres and universities. They use products that remove water hard stains, salt remnants, dust and pollen. The products they use do not leave streak or soap residues on windows. We also offer internal window cleaning services for high-rise buildings.

High growth cleaning is a preventive maintenance solution, which aims to prevent windows from getting worse. Existing buildings are displayed twice a year in high growth window cleaning services. Newly constructed or renovated buildings should be cleaned twice in the first year of their existence and twice in the year after that. New buildings require more regular cleaning during their first year, it is that sealants, which are used in windows on newly built or repaired buildings, can run and can cause stains which Can be etched into the glass and can not be removed.